GMTK 2023 Game Jam submission.

For the "Roles Reversed" theme, we chose to make a game where you are the dead talking to the living. Usually, these ghost games are about you interacting with the ghost, but what would it be like the other way around?

The game is very short, but it's made with multiple playthroughs in mind.
Explore different dialogue paths and solve puzzles to assist the living.

Can you help them find what they are looking for?

- Dialogue and sounds can now be skipped
- Fixed minor bugs

Hint 1: Maude says "Let's hope it's not a dead end." before asking what room the will is hidden in. That's because the answer is a room that is typically a dead end with only one entrance/exit.
Hint 2:Say "Good bye" when they ask if you know Frederick. It will give you a BIG clue to the room question.
Answer: The will is hidden in the Cellar
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorsTHE_T_V1RUS, bastianfaulk
GenrePuzzle, Visual Novel
Made withUnity


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I really liked the concept, but the gameplay gets a bit frustrating with the whole trial-and-error approach. Having to start over from the beginning every time I make a mistake, especially when you can't avoid making them to gather info, can be a bit tiresome. It would be more enjoyable if there were some puzzle elements involved, giving you a chance to figure things out strategically instead of just relying on trial and error. Also, it would be cool if there were more flexibility in the story path, so it's not a total game over if you don't follow the exact route.


Thank you so much for the feedback and giving our game a chance! The game was made for a game jam so we only had 48 hours to put it together. Due to this, it absolutely has its flaws and lacks traditional puzzle elements. We plan to polish it up in an updated version though!



Very cool~! Would love a full length VN with this concept.


it would be nice if they responded to their names being spelt out

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you should tone down the difficulty on the demon hand since when you are entering the name of the place you can't fight back against it once it has it.

I completely agree. It's something we are working on. Thank you for the feedback!

yeah, it's an instantloss, you can technically fight it, but it's got a grip strength of yes

also, knowing when you got an answer wrong would be nice, I thought it was 5 people until I read the comments


did i do all the things right?
spoilers btw
yes, 7, frederick, 74. cellar

Maybe! Check the spoilers in the game description ;)

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ok so what is the answer to the riddle about where his will is I looked through the comments and the video and I tried a lot of stuff but none of them seemed to work:

But none of them seemed to work can I please just know the answer?
I have been sitting here for 2 hours
Is it just scam to get people to play it is it a trick question
I also went through all dialogue options
E;(I even tried all of the npc names)
E2:(or did you change its state or is it unfinished or a demo?)

Sorry about the clues not being so obvious haha. There are spoilers in the game description. Hope that helps. Thank you so much for playing!



of course I tried it. I also answered his father's age but I cannot answer where his father's will is kept. Living? Dining? Office? etc hehe

Looking forward to your next project... 😊

Thanks for making a video! This is incredible. The answer is hidden in the character dialogue, but it's hidden pretty well. I wish I had made it a little more obvious. This is something I will change after the game jam submissions are not locked anymore.

ok thanks for the hint. Now I know the answer. I tried again and they don't know the room is in their house. Nice Game!


Nice game but idk where's the will

Thanks for the feedback! Did you try pretending to be Frederick? In hindsight I don't think many players will try that haha.


too hard to fight off the demon hand

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! We toned down the difficulty a bit with only 8 min to spare!

it's practically impossible, it literally never loses grip

also, it's insane to do multi-letter answers with the demon hand